Do you want to sell, buy, or rent a property but don’t know where to start? As this type of transaction involves dreams, expectations, and high investment value, the decision is complex. To help you in this sale or acquisition process, it is very important to have the help of a reliable and experienced real estate agent.

The broker’s function is to mediate the purchase of the property, helping to bring the buyer closer to the seller, analyzing documentation, looking for financing options, checking if the apartment is in good condition, among others that offer more security when closing the deal.

Due to the importance of the broker’s role, it is necessary to take great care to choose a good professional.

Check if the realtor is registered with Creci

Federal Law No. 6530/1978 regulates the profession of brokers and determines that the competent national body to supervise professionals is the Federal Council of Realtors (Cofeci) and at the state level, the Regional Councils of Realtors (Crecis). Therefore, for a professional in the area to be able to work in the labor market, he needs to take a training course as a Real Estate Transaction Technician (TTI) and register with a Creci.

The register ensures that the broker has learned to deal with several important issues that the profession requires, such as analyzing documentation, types of financing, among other essential activities. To check if the professional is registered, simply request the identity card that proves the regularity of the profession.

Choose an experienced professional

More than presenting the registration of Creci, it is essential to find a broker with experience in the job market, as only in the exercise of the activity will he learn the best negotiation, buying, selling, leasing, property valuation, and documentation techniques. Also, the only experience will make the professional know the real estate market and get the best deals out of it.

Search for references

Before closing a deal, look for references to see if the professional is reputable, honest, has a good record in the job market, and is not responding to lawsuits.

Choose a profile compatible with your

More than being a great professional, you need to identify with the broker’s characteristics. Some profiles end up bothering certain customers, such as lack or excess of agility in negotiations, objectivity, lack of discretion, among other defects that damage the relationship.

To find the right person, it is worth taking a lot with the broker, not being ashamed to ask, taking all your doubts, and calmly evaluating if he is the right person to negotiate your property.

Now that you know what are the main characteristics that a good real estate agent should present, keep an eye on, and choose a professional who wins your trust and meets your expectations.

Look for your old customers

Last and not least tip: make contact with people who have already used your services. Look for online assessment channels where people usually rate and describe how they were met, as well as possible dissatisfactions and complaints.

A serious real estate agent knows the strength and the need to preserve a good reputation and is always working to keep its customers happy. After all, good feedbacks are the most efficient advertisements that a company can have, in addition to the chances of being indicated to new customers.