Below are the 7 tips to choose the right broker. The right broker should suit you and your goals. First of all, but the offer is large, so you have to make choices in the end. One broker can be very different from another …

How is the service and accessibility for the buyers?

Are you being spoken to by a broker, or does the accessibility appear to be disappointing? Most customers want to contact the broker between 6 pm and 8 pm. Often after returning home from work. Or at the weekend. LWM is therefore available 24/7! 

Do you opt for a modern, new generation of brokers? How active is the broker on social media?

These are large platforms that searchers subscribe to. Social media is becoming increasingly important, but also which platforms matter, and how do the advertisements perform in the reach? LWM is an expert in this field, with the widest reach!

How is knowledge/interest?

Besides accessibility, what is knowledge like? If you choose the largest party, then ask yourself; “Does the real estate agent have” time “to sell your house?” Are all the facts known? Very important for every viewing. LWM has its own system for this to guarantee the knowledge of every home. 

Which broker has the most to offer you? Who is the most transparent?

Is the asking price real or is the broker only focused on getting the job? Ask plenty of questions: Can a broker convey his enthusiasm for your home to the buyer? How will your broker provide the guided tours? Is the broker really interested in you and the house, or only in the assignment? We at LWM always work with you, as it should be!

How easy is contact with your broker? 

For example, does the broker also use WhatsApp? And do you like that if you can communicate with him quickly via the app, or would you rather stick to calling and emailing? Or does all contact go through a receptionist? At LWM, all contact with your own broker is direct, also for potential buyers.

Do you want € 18,000 more for your home? Who not!? 

Be careful with internet brokers or one-pitters. These parties invest much less time in their assignment, which makes them cheaper. If a broker stops viewing after 5 viewings, the money will be yours. What if the 6th viewing had made an offer of € 18,000 more? LWM works (until you stop) with an unlimited number of viewings. Takes us more time, but you get more profit. Shouldn’t be normal?

Always let your intuition play a role.

In fact, listen carefully to the feeling. If a real estate agent really empathizes with your home and there is a click, then you have come to the right place. They are all friendly …