Conducting transactions with real estate requires a significant investment of time and effort from its owner, as well as the availability of special knowledge. However, not everyone has the ability and desire to delve into the legal intricacies and spend hours studying ads. 

In this case, it is worth considering contacting a professional. However, in Russia, it is customary to involve real estate agents only as a last resort. In the minds of ordinary citizens, a stereotype has firmly settled down that a realtor primarily cares about his profit, trying to sell illiquid real estate to a naive client at a higher price. 

Of course, no one is safe from meeting with apartment fraudsters. However, the situation has changed a long time ago, and a competent agent for a reasonable fee will help significantly reduce the time it takes to find the right apartment or buyer, as well as check the legal purity of the transaction.

Choosing a realtor – tips and tricks

The choice of an intermediary is a responsible matter because real estate transactions can last for months, and very substantial sums are at stake. This means that there should be a complete mutual understanding between the client and the realtor, otherwise, instead of fruitful cooperation, you can waste time and nerves on useless negotiations. 

Most people prefer to look for a real estate agent based on the recommendations of relatives and friends. This is not surprising: after all, an incompetent specialist will only be advised to the enemy. That is why realtors carefully monitor their reputation and try to avoid participating in dubious transactions.

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However, it is not always possible to use the services of a trusted specialist. In this case, the potential client should rely on his common sense and observation. 

A wide range of agent candidates can be found in the database of real estate agents on duty, which is available on some real estate portals. Before signing an agreement with the agency, you need to carefully and impartially assess the professional qualities of the intermediary. Here are a few points that will help you get an idea of the reliability and professionalism of a realtor:

Telephone conversation;

As a rule, the first conversation with the future agent takes place by phone: pay attention to how politely and attentively the interlocutor communicates with you, whether he gives detailed answers or tries to wind up the conversation as soon as possible. 

Don’t be afraid to ask questions of substance right away. If you want to buy an apartment, ask about the number of options that can be offered to you in a particular area. A good specialist will always take the time to answer all the client’s questions in detail.

Credentials and documents;

The verification of papers confirming the powers of a real estate agent is a prerequisite for successful cooperation. When you first visit the agency’s office, ask to show the constituent documents, a certificate of state registration, and tax registration. 

By the way, these documents will help to form an indirect idea of the reliability of the intermediary: if the certificate number is included in the first two hundred, then the agency has been on the real estate market for more than a decade. 

You also need to check the credentials of the particular person with whom you are going to cooperate. Find out if the agent has the right to sign contracts with the client and which ones. If the agreement states that the powers are provided for by the charter, then you need to ask for a document and see who was appointed to this position and when. Remember,

Organization address;

Find out on what basis the company occupies the premises in which its office is located. If the actual location does not coincide with what appears in the constituent documents, there is reason to think: scammers often rent the first room they come across, and indicate a non-existent address as a legal one.

Psychological comfort.

In addition to the objective signs that distinguish a competent specialist, do not forget about your feelings. Psychologists say that when communicating with an ideal agent, there should be a sense of calmness. 

During the conversation, listen to yourself and decide if you are ready to meet with this person 5-10 more times (and this will most likely be needed to complete the transaction). If not, then it is worth considering looking for another intermediary.