One of your other valuable resources in your house. Both emotionally and financially. The house you live in marks a chapter in your life. It builds memories that last for many years.

Financially, it is one of the biggest investments you will make. That is why, to buy or sell a house, you must surround yourself with the best professionals who can guide you in a process that sometimes presents some obstacles.

The real estate market is fickle. The value of the properties varies according to circumstances beyond the properties themselves. Setting an appropriate price is only available to the most qualified professionals.

Choosing a real estate consultant who gives you the support you need to sell your property is no easy task. Today we share some tips to help you find the ideal real estate agent to sell your home.

First, choose a Real Estate Consultant who works at a licensed agency.

To exercise activity in real estate mediation, companies are required to have a license known as AMI, issued by the Institute of Public Markets for Real Estate and Construction (IMPIC).

These licenses are public, must be presented on the websites and advertising materials of the Agency and the Agent, and can be consulted, free of charge, on the IMPIC website 

If the consultant, or Mediator, does not have a valid AMI license, it is not a good choice to transact your property.

Choose a specialist agent in the area where the property is located. It is certain that this consultant will make the best assessment of your property, and will promote it to potential buyers who are looking for a house in that specific area.

Before hiring an agent, make an appointment and allow the professional to make a full presentation of services. The best professionals will explain to you how they are going to promote your property, how the selection of potential buyers will be made, and define, with you, the best days to carry out the visits.

If the real estate consultant makes a presentation of quality services, he will know, in advance, how the process of selling your property will take place. If you think that the agent’s way of working suits what you need, you should strongly consider hiring him.

When the chosen Agent talks about a real estate contract exclusively, evaluate the proposed conditions, and accept. The service of the Exclusive Agents is the guarantee of quality and tranquility for the owners. In this article, you can consult the advantages of the exclusive contract for owners.

Don’t be afraid to pay sales commissions. 

Professionals paid in this way actively seek out the best deals. By achieving a more advantageous transaction, the agent and the owner win.

So that the disclosure of your property can be broadened, check if the Real Estate Agent works with real estate sharing platforms, namely SAM-MLS.

Consultants using SAM-MLS make the properties available in a network of national and international professionals willing to negotiate between them. In this way, business opportunities are multiplied. Your agent can, through SAM-MLS, find a colleague who has a client/investor looking for a property like yours.

In short, choose an Agent who offers you the best services, grants you exclusivity, and asks him to promote your property on SAM-MLS.