The real estate agent connects a real estate owner and a candidate for purchase or rental. Mobile, persuasive, rigorous and organized, the real estate agent most often works within a real estate agency. After a diploma specializing in real estate from Bac +2 to Bac +5, he tries to fit into an unfavorable context.

How to become a Real Estate Agent?

Find here the missions, necessary training, remuneration of this profession.

Mission of the profession: Real estate agent

A real estate agent is an intermediary between an owner and a purchaser of real estate. Its role is to be mandated by an owner wishing to sell or rent his property. Once under contract, its objective will be to find a buyer or a lessor and to relay the offer or the rental file to the owner.

Role of the real estate agent:

Real intermediary between a seller and a buyer or between a lessor and a person looking for a rental, the real estate agent must, under the responsibility of the director of his real estate agency, carry out certain missions:

• search for real estate (apartments, houses, shops, offices) for sale or for rent,

• sign a mandate with the owner,

• define with the owner the sale or rental price and, if applicable, the cost of charges,

• make announcements and display the properties available in their agency,

• show the property to the purchaser or to the person wishing to rent the accommodation,

• collect offers to purchase or files presented by rental applicants,

• ensure sufficient income for applicants for real estate,

• present purchase offers or tenant files to the owner,

• inform the buyer or the rental candidate of the owner’s decision,

• assist both parties in signing the sales agreement or the lease,

• hand over the keys to the new owner or tenant

Becoming a real estate agent: required qualities

The real estate agent, to be able to rent or sell real estate, must have several qualities. One of the first is its mobility. Being able to get around easily is essential because a real estate agent has a series of appointments outside throughout his day. In the provinces, holding a driving license is compulsory and owning a car or two-wheeler, especially in large cities, a plus.

The taste for human contact and the spirit of persuasion are other qualities essential to the exercise of the profession of real estate agent. Indeed, this intermediary must first persuade the owner to entrust him with the sale or rental of his property but also convince the visitor of the virtues of the property in question.

The real estate agent cannot be satisfied with being mobile and a good salesperson. This work also requires a certain rigor. A good knowledge of real estate law and the evolution of legislation is imperative to properly advise owners, buyers and rental applicants. To manage an often busy schedule, the real estate agent must finally have organizational skills.

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Real estate agent: career / possibility of development:

After obtaining the diploma giving rise to the creation of a professional card, a real estate agent often begins his career as an employee of a real estate agency. Depending on the size of the agency, the real estate professional is most of the time in charge of the rental properties. He may also have to canvass in the surrounding buildings to end up signing new mandate contracts. As his experience and the development of his network progress, he can become a real estate negotiator and manage more profitable transactions. Depending on his ambitions, a real estate agent can also take the head of an agency, or even create his own business.