Several reasons justify the choice of a real estate agency to mediate the purchase of homeownership as a good strategy.

But, more important than choosing the service, is knowing how to choose a real estate company that is suitable for your needs. For this, keep an eye on the 6 tips in this post and ensure a good choice!

1. Identify the location of the real estate

The first step in identifying the right real estate to suit your needs is to define the location where you would like to purchase the property. Even though real estate agents have houses and apartments from other municipalities in their list of properties, the dynamics in providing the service can be hampered by distance.

Also, the contracted real estate company needs to have in-depth knowledge of the region in which it operates. Such knowledge is only possible when one experiences one’s daily life and its economic, commercial, political, and social dynamics.

Real estate appreciation or devaluation, municipal urban projects, and laws that can interfere in the life of the property, possibilities of tipping and expropriation, areas of environmental preservation, proximity to tourist attractions. 

All of these are important points to evaluate during the purchase of the property and a real estate agent with local knowledge will have knowledge and conviction about them.

2. Check if the real estate is registered with CRECI

The registration with the Regional Council of Realtors (CRECI) is a differential to attest to the seriousness of the real estate. This regional body is linked to the Federal Council of Realtors (COFECI), responsible for supervising the services provided by real estate agents, as legal entities, and by their brokers, as individuals.

It is very easy to find out if the real estate company has the registration because, when it does, it is common that they leave the number on display, both in their virtual addresses and in the face-to-face store. But the real estate registry alone does not certify that all of its brokers are registered. Therefore, when being attended by one of them, keep in mind how the work of that professional works and check your registration individually.

3. Analyze the company’s history

This analysis can be facilitated, even, by the factor mentioned above. We recognize that the local community is the best source of data on topics such as the suitability and professionalism of the businesses based there.

Check how long the organization has existed, how it has grown since it was set up, whether it has branches or not, whether it has been in place for many years, or whether it moves frequently.

To carry out such investigations, you can either consult the residents of the region – and this can be a slightly more difficult task – or consult the website and social networks on which it is present.

See if it has a clear website, easy to understand, and at the same time well produced. It must contain information that goes beyond the real estate letter offered by the company: its history, its mission, and the easy-to-service channels that work effectively are fundamental elements.

If the site brings extra information, with tips on property acquisition and rental, the real estate market, and others, it is a sign that the company is concerned with guiding its client and transmitting the necessary seriousness to the business.

4. Observe the properties offered by her

A reliable real estate company has an extensive real estate charter, both for rental and sale purposes, within a very well-defined profile and following its target audience.

The logic is simple: anyone who is interested in offering their property through a real estate agency, in addition to seeking facilities, also wants to bring visibility that they could not achieve with their resources, either by the number of people reached or by the quality of this public. Therefore, the person chooses a real estate company that complies with the property’s standards.

5. Assess the quality of space and service

As choosing the right real estate company also involves the way she runs the business, you can identify the quality of her management through contact through her service channels and visits to her physical space.

Service Channels

If e-mail is one of the forms of contact, send some and evaluate, in addition to the response time, if the real estate agents meet your expectations and clarify your doubts. Through the text of the response, it is possible to identify, for example, whether someone’s time was dedicated to assisting or if it was mechanical and disinterested.

In the same way, test the telephone contact with the company and check if the attendant is polite, friendly, if he is prepared to answer your questions or if you seek immediate assistance from anyone who can do this.

Personal assistance

On-site, evaluate how you are received: if the receptionist is well dressed and greets customers with warmth, and even if he is not able to serve you immediately if the space you are directed to wait for is comfortable.

Leaving water and coffee at your disposal is a very common courtesy and a sign that the company takes good care of all its customers.

Infrastructure and organization

A serious real estate company would never settle in an inappropriate, ugly, poorly maintained location without adequate infrastructure. Check that the real estate company is located in an easily accessible place and that there is a good internal organization.