Licensed real estate agent

The law requires that the real estate agent and his collaborators hold a professional card. This card is issued for three years by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The real estate agent may hold one or more cards depending on the profession (s) he exercises, transaction, property management, trustee, etc.

Real estate agent competence: Customer reviews

Word of mouth is a great way to find out about the quality of a real estate agent’s service.

You can also ask the real estate agent for contact details for clients, testimonials, or read their guestbook. The easiest way is when the real estate agent posts the “reviews” in the window or on their website. These opinions are managed by an independent body which collects and accurately tracks customer feedback. This way, you can see the opinions of all the people who trust this agent.

Real estate agency: Make a choice near the accommodation.

This is a fundamental rule to apply when deciding to sell a property through a real estate agency. Choose a real estate agency located near your property, that is to say within 10 km. Indeed, he must know the prices charged as well as the local market. At the same time, he can provide you with valuable advice on setting a suitable price. In addition, a real estate agent located in the vicinity knows the potential of your property and can therefore value it for a quick sale.

Realtor: Make sure he’s serious.

From the first contact with the real estate agent, it is important to know whether a climate of trust has developed between you. This is essential because it will play a big role in the rest of your relationship. Check the professionalism and seriousness of the agent. Beware of a real estate agent who does not come and take the dimensions of your property. Worse if it doesn’t give you information like diagnoses to make, sales for the past three months, etc.

A serious real estate agent should listen to your needs, advise you and answer all of your questions.

Efficiency of the real estate agent

Leaving the sale or rental of your property to a real estate agent also means taking into consideration the commercial aspect of your operation. Note that it is important to know how the real estate agent wants to advertise your property. The best real estate agent will never be able to sell or rent a property if the ad is not well publicized.

Announcing the good is not enough. But it must also be highlighted. Before trusting a real estate agent, it is useful to check their means of advertising. Your property must be advertised in the agency’s window, in local magazines, on paper and on its website.

It is very important that your property is seen and visible to potential customers. Concretely, communication should make about 15% of the turnover of the real estate agent. And it’s through talking that you will come to discover the skills and effectiveness of a real estate agent.

Real estate agent’s commission: Chat about.

Generally, the commissions of a real estate agent are between 5 and 8% of the value of the property for sale or for rent. This rate takes into account advertising, visitation costs, work estimates, etc.

Note that there is no law that sets the rates for a real estate agency. Thus, each real estate agent is free to set the price he wishes, only this price must be displayed.

Real estate agent profession: choose an expert in the field

The real estate agent who does not have a minimum of 5 years of experience will bring you little value. Experience is therefore necessary to estimate the property at market price, secure the legal sale procedure, organize visits, market effectively, give advice on planning, verify the financial capacity of the purchaser.

The experienced real estate agent will also have an address book of active buyers who may be interested in your property.

Ultimately, to choose the right real estate agent in order to buy or sell a property, it is necessary to refer to the aforementioned criteria. Of course, these criteria do not constitute an exhaustive list. There may be others, but these are the most fundamental in helping you choose the real estate agent that’s right for you.