It is final: you are going to move. Of course, you want to sell your home quickly for a nice amount. So you will have to get a good broker who will arrange the sale. This is quite tricky as there are so many choices when it comes to sales brokers. Below are a few tips you can use to choose the right broker.


Many people choose a real estate agent who has sold the home of family, friends, or acquaintances. This is not always a good idea as the sales broker has to suit you. So look a little further. You can do this by searching the internet. 

If you live in the province of Noord-Brabant, you can, for example, type brokers in Helmond or broker Eindhoven and search on Google. You will then come across many different offices, which will undoubtedly have a suitable one for you.


Once you’ve found an overview of brokers in your area, you can explore all of these options to find the right broker. You can look at the site, which often gives off a certain feeling or emotion. You can also look at how expert the office is, but also the current range of houses and buildings. 

Also, you could research how much the sales broker advertises and on which channels because potential buyers must of course encounter your house. You could also ask family and friends for advice. They probably already have experience with the offices or heard stories about it from acquaintances. You can use this information to ultimately choose a broker.


If your overview of options is shortened, you can invite the remaining brokers for a no-obligation meeting. During this conversation, you can consult with the sales brokers, but they can also present themselves. 

You can also use this to make your final choice. During this conversation, it is useful to ask what costs you will receive and how much this will be in total. This will likely vary from one office to another. The most important, however, is the asking price for your house. 

This may also differ per broker, so be sure to ask about this during such a conversation. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for the motivation for the asking price, which is very important. You can also use this to compare all brokers. When making the choice, it is wise to follow your feelings.


Whether you are working with or without a broker to buy or sell a house, it is useful to be aware of the following matters.

A sky-high asking price

A real estate agent is free to determine the price for the sale of a home in consultation with the seller, even if it is disproportionate. The buyer does not have to agree, and the buyer is free to negotiate the price. The seller ultimately decides whether to agree with the offer.

An option

An option on a house means that the seller allows you to consider whether you want to and can buy the house. The option has a certain amount of time and during this period the seller is not allowed to sell the house to another person.

First, come …

The seller does not have to respond to the first offer, nor is it forced to negotiate with the first bidder. In practice, the seller will initially negotiate with the person who made the highest bid. The sales broker should inform the bidders about the course of events.

Calculation modules

On the website of the NVM, you can compare brokerage rates by entering your location and estimated asking price or selling price. There are also other calculation modules, for example, for comparing notary rates, a home value meter, comparing appraisal rates, and the like.