Trained professional and subject to legal obligations, a good real estate broker must possess ten particular qualities which ensure the success of your real estate transaction. These qualities are acquired through training, but above all with experience and work in the field . In addition to these assets, a good broker knows that he can count on the strength of an entire network .

Excellent market knowledge

A good broker has excellent knowledge of the real estate market in the area where you want to buy or sell. Often he or a member of his team owns this area. He is able to inform you about the types of properties, the evolution of house prices, the opportunities that may be interesting to seize or, on the contrary, the problematic cases.

Technical, legal and professional know-how

He is aware of the procedures to be followed, the legal documents to be completed, and the professionals to be consulted. He masters all the technological tools related to the real estate transaction. If necessary, he can answer your questions or provide you with information on technical aspects (estimation, financing, notary, sale, etc.).

Clarity and transparency

He clearly presents his service offer, which details the many tasks he will accomplish for the sale or purchase of your home. He can explain the implementation of his strategy to sell or find the property of your dreams, by describing each step of his plan. He speaks clearly and makes sure you understand what each task involves.

Success and attention

A good broker shows a real intention to be of service to you and to contribute to the success of your project. Because the success of your sale is also his, he will seek to meet your expectations by all the professional means at his disposal. For buyers, he will act as an objective guide who supervises the realization of your project until you take possession of your new home.

Social ease

Dynamic, diplomatic and sociable, a good broker is a skilled communicator. He knows how to welcome and meet the expectations of potential buyers during a property visit. He is also able to ease tensions, frame discussions and find the right words to explain and negotiate. Comfortable in written and oral communications, he is your main spokesperson.

Organized and accessible

He is organized and works hard for you, he informs you regularly of all his steps. He is available at all times to answer your questions as well as those of buyers who are interested in your home or condo. By phone, text message, email and in person: a good broker is first and foremost a broker who knows how to be accessible.

Support and insurance

A good broker guides you and advises you in all the steps to be taken, he makes sure that your experience of buying or selling a property is carried out with ease, with as little stress as possible. He knows how to reassure you when necessary, and, conversely, to warn you when a problem requires special attention from you.


A good broker is above all your broker. Although he is called upon to work with many professionals (other brokers and real estate agencies, but also banks, insurance companies, notaries, construction professionals, etc.), he always negotiates in your interest , in your favor. He knows how to create a real partnership, which can last over time.


He wants to know your lifestyle and your projects, he listens to you and takes an interest in you , in order to give you good advice. A good broker seeks to know what makes you dream, and with what constraints you have to deal. Its service is therefore redefined according to each client. In addition to supporting you, he also listens to your needs.


This is one of the most important qualities. Being honest and with integrity is a basic condition for building a healthy relationship based on trust . A profitable relationship for all, which makes it possible to overcome obstacles and succeed in one or more real estate projects. An honest broker informs you of advantages and disadvantages, opportunities and risks, and remains transparent about his service offer and his working method.