Walters People explains the characteristics and challenges of being a real estate assistant, a key position in the real estate world.

What is a real estate assistant?

The assistant works in a real estate agency and takes care of all administrative tasks, but also commercial activities.

There are two categories in this area: the rental management assistant or the co-ownership assistant. The rental assistant takes care of the rental of the goods (advertising, visits of the goods, participation in the drafting of leases …), he / she may also be required to take care of the receipt, inventory of entries and exits. The co-ownership assistant is in charge of invitations to general co-ownership meetings, service orders or even claims management and work monitoring.

What is the typical path of a real estate assistant?

The profession of real estate assistant is open to candidates who have a BTS in real estate, but to guarantee a faster career development and to access managerial-type responsibilities, it is advisable to do a Bac + 5 in a school specializing in real estate.

People who have already completed an internship in a company find it easier to access this position because it is an excellent way to consolidate knowledge and skills.

What are the qualities of a real estate assistant?

This profession requires a very good knowledge of the characteristics of this sector of activity. As the real estate assistant is in constant contact with clients (tenants or co-owners) and other partners, the sense of communication is essential. He / She must have good listening skills and remain cordial at all times.

He / She must be rigorous, well organized and autonomous in order to be able to recognize emergencies and prioritize their tasks. He / She must master office automation tools and software specialized in real estate.

What salary can a real estate assistant expect?

Companies set salaries based on the candidate’s qualifications, skills and experience: a rental assistant can initially receive an annual salary of € 22k to € 25k. The co-ownership assistant at the start of his career can earn a salary between € 26k and € 28k. After some time, if his supervisor gives him other tasks, his pay may increase. After five years of experience, the real estate assistant will be able to claim a salary of around € 31k.