Professional Real Estate Agent Card: How Do You Get It?

Being a regulated profession, the exercise of the profession of real estate agent requires the possession of a professional card duly issued by the public authorities. In addition to securing the profession, this legal requirement obviously also aims to protect individuals against fraud and abuse of all kinds that may be perpetrated.

What are the conditions for issuing such a …

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Becoming A Real Estate Agent: What Are The Required Qualities?

Invested in an intermediation mission to complete transactional negotiations between buyers and sellers or tenants and lessors, the real estate agent must have a certain number of essential human and professional qualities. In order to become a competent real estate agent, it is essential to have the qualities required for the exercise of his profession.

Overview of the different qualities

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Real estate agent: 7 Selection criteria

Licensed real estate agent

The law requires that the real estate agent and his collaborators hold a professional card. This card is issued for three years by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The real estate agent may hold one or more cards depending on the profession (s) he exercises, transaction, property management, trustee, etc.

Real estate agent competence: Customer

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