The Trade Of Real Estate Commercial Agent

Are you a real estate professional? Salaried or self-employed salesperson? In professional retraining or looking for professional opportunities? Becoming a real estate sales agent can open new doors for you. This article will allow you to better understand the realities of the profession, its perspectives, and its conditions of practice. 


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The 10 Qualities Of A Good Real Estate Broker

Trained professional and subject to legal obligations, a good real estate broker must possess ten particular qualities which ensure the success of your real estate transaction. These qualities are acquired through training, but above all with experience and work in the field . In addition to these assets, a good broker knows that he can count on the strength of …

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The Profession Of Real Estate Assistant

Walters People explains the characteristics and challenges of being a real estate assistant, a key position in the real estate world.

What is a real estate assistant?

The assistant works in a real estate agency and takes care of all administrative tasks, but also commercial activities.

There are two categories in this area: the rental management assistant or the co-ownership …

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