Being a regulated profession, the exercise of the profession of real estate agent requires the possession of a professional card duly issued by the public authorities. In addition to securing the profession, this legal requirement obviously also aims to protect individuals against fraud and abuse of all kinds that may be perpetrated.

What are the conditions for issuing such a professional card? Answers.

The conditions for obtaining the professional card

To have your own professional real estate agent card and thereby  become a self-employed real estate agent,  five conditions are required by the regulations in force for the issue of the professional real estate agent card: 

Condition 1: have the required diplomas

1) The first relates to questions of verification of the professional aptitudes of the applicant. In practice, this condition is manifested by the requirement that the person concerned provide proof of possession of diplomas allowing access to the profession.

On this point, several hypotheses are possible:

– 1st hypothesis: the applicant does indeed hold a diploma

The regulations have not officially established an exhaustive list of diplomas authorizing the obtaining of the professional card, it is therefore the practice administrative body which decides whether the diplomas produced actually justify the applicant’s competence to exercise the profession.

But generally, two categories of diplomas are accepted: license diplomas (bac +3)having completed a course of study focused on legal, commercial or economic fields (whether these diplomas have been issued by a public or private university establishment authorized by the State); and the diplomas of higher technician patent (BTS) or professional patent (BP) sanctioning a two-year course of study oriented towards the real estate field. If in doubt about the nature of your diploma, it is best to inquire directly with the prefecture of your department.

2nd hypothesis: the applicant just holds a baccalaureate or an equivalent diploma

On the condition that he can prove a professional experience of at least 3 years acquired with an establishment or a natural person holder of the card, such an individual may also claim to obtain a card. professional.

-3rd hypothesis: the person concerned does not hold any diploma

In this case, only two alternatives remain: the first is to justify professional experience of at least 10 years acquired with a card holder ( agency or natural person); the second, to argue from the same experience but as a manager for at least 4 years.

Condition 2: a clean criminal record

The second required condition lies in the production of an extract from the criminal record that is blank or B2;

Condition 3: liability insurance

The third condition resides in the production of an insurance certificate in RCP or professional civil liability;

Condition 4: a financial guarantee

The fourth condition requires the production of a financial guarantee certificate. It is required in order to ensure the potential holding of funds belonging to third parties by the agent.

 In practice, such a guarantee is obtained from insurance companies or banking establishments. On average, the cost of subscribing to this type of guarantee is around 1,500 euros.

Condition 5: a bank escrow account

Finally, in the event of collection of funds from customers, the applicant must certify the opening of an escrow account with a banking establishment.

Who to send your request to?

If they were issued exclusively by the prefectural authorities previously, since July 1, 2015, professional real estate agent cards are now issued by the Chambers of Commerce and Industry. It is therefore to these institutions that you must address your request.

Validity period of the professional card

The other novelty concerns their period of validity: indeed, from now on, these documents are only valid for 3 years and no longer 10 years as before. So above all, think carefully about renewing the professional real estate agent card when it soon turns out to be close to its expiration date.

Costs of issuing the professional card

If it was free until then, the issue of professional cards is now chargeable: it takes 120 euros for a first issue, 50 euros for a modification.