Are you a real estate professional? Salaried or self-employed salesperson? In professional retraining or looking for professional opportunities? Becoming a real estate sales agent can open new doors for you. This article will allow you to better understand the realities of the profession, its perspectives, and its conditions of practice. 


The immo commercial agent is a real estate professional in charge of facilitating and carrying out a real estate transaction . Thanks to his technical, commercial and legal skills, he offers his advice to both the buyer and the seller, so that everyone gets the most out of this sale.

The real estate commercial agent intervenes from the stage of valuation of the property , until the signing of the sales agreement (or even beyond if the circumstances so require). He advises the owner on the sale price to be set, depending on the local property market , the location of the property, and its objective qualities.

Once the property is estimated, he drafts and publishes the real estate advertisement . Its goal is to disseminate it as widely as possible within its network, but also to target the customers most likely to be attracted by this type of property.

Then, the commercial immo agent organizes the visits of the good and answers the questions of the potential buyers. It’s up to him to succeed in convincing future buyers by presenting the assets of the property.

When a potential buyer shows interest, his role is to support him in the constitution of his file. He then uses his legal knowledge to advise his client.

At the same time, the commercial agent must collect all the mandatory legal documents: building permit, energy balance, asbestos and lead diagnostics, state certificate of natural hazards, etc.

Finally, the agent makes himself available until the sale is concluded. He thus plays the role of an intermediary, and sometimes of a mediator, between seller and potential buyer.

The status of commercial real estate agent is that of an independent entrepreneur. He chooses between different legal forms to create his business: sole proprietorship or sole proprietorship with limited liability. Initially, the independent real estate negotiator can opt for simplified accounting and taxation. He will thus be able to dispense with a VAT declaration up to a certain turnover threshold.


The independent real estate negotiator is remunerated in the form of a commission paid as a percentage of the fees of the agency which appointed him. The real estate commercial agent never acts in his own name, but on behalf of a professional real estate agent or an agency.

Most independent real estate sales agents develop their clientele within real estate agencies and negotiate their percentage by contract with them. This commission usually represents around 40 to 45% of agency fees.

However, it is possible to break this glass ceiling. For years, SAFTI, a network of independent real estate sales agents, has designed an evolving commission scale. It allows all real estate agents, including beginners, to receive remuneration at least equal to 70% of the agency fees , from the 1st euro of turnover!

For the most talented and motivated of our members, this remuneration can amount to up to 99% of the agency fees. This means that if you make more than € 190,000 in turnover, you will receive 99% of the agency fees above this amount. Which means, for 100,000 € of additional turnover, a gain of 99,000 € for you.